Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Top Games Of The Week 11/7-11/13

Wednesday November 9th
Rockets @ Spurs 9:30 PM ET
This is an important game for the Rockets for us to get a glimpse of how well they do against the elite teams of the West, and may also help us see where they will rank in the West.

Thursday November 10th
Bulls @ Heat 8:00 PM ET
There will be lots of emotions from the Heat fans, the organization as a whole, and especially Dwyane Wade. Wade left the Miami Heat in the summer to join his hometown Bulls after 13 years and 3 Championships with the Miami Heat, and as we have seen with some games where stars face their former teams, the crowd does not react very well. But I don't think we'll see that from the Heat fans, I think we will see cheering and clapping instead. Not only the emotions, what about the actual game itself. The Heat can put a stance on their Playoff chances with a win against a very good East team.

Friday November 11th
Knicks @ Celtics 7:30 PM ET
Both these teams are unhappy with their start to the season, so both teams will eagerly be seeking a win. The Knicks can make a big statement with a win against a projected Top Four team of the East, and show they are Playoff bound. Not only that but this is one of the greatest rivalries of All-Time, so there will be much higher intensity from both sides. Also this is a divisional game, which only makes it better.

Clippers @ Thunder 8:30 PM ET
The Thunder beat the Clippers last week in a very close game, and proved how good of a team they really are. Now is time for the Clippers to get revenge of their loss to the Thunder. Also this will be an entertaining game watching two of the best Point Guards play each, so it should be an entertaining game.

Saturday November 12th
Celtics @ Pacers 7:00 PM ET
These two are expected to be the two teams running for 3rd seed in the East. But both teams aren't starting off as they expected and are looking to improve how they play. This game will give us a good look at how the Top Four in the East will be placed, and should be a very good game.