Saturday, June 13, 2015

David Lee Saves The Warriors

"David Lee Warriors" by Keith Allison from Owings Mills, USA - David Lee. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

David Lee just saved the Warriors hopes of winning a championship. How? Well, Steve Kerr finally listened to me and put David Lee in. It took him a while but he finally did it. Bogut is really not able to run in transition and has not really been great on defense. Once they put Lee in, the offense was flowing for the Warriors.

David Lee is really known for his passing and his great ability to finish at the rim, and it showed in the game. When he was on the court, the floor was spaced and when he drove, he either had an open layup or someone would be spaced out and open for a shot on the perimeter.

If David Lee didn't play in game 3 and game 4, the Warriors would be in most likely in a 3-1 losing in the series. He probably just saved the Finals series for the Warriors. Honestly, I don't understand why Steve Kerr hadn't played him before. Why was Ezlie playing over an All-Star PF? David Lee is very talented and for some odd reason, Kerr wasn't playing him.

The Warriors are now going back home as they tied the series. David Lee provides this team with a great moving and flowing offense that Andrew Bogut just doesn't provide. I honestly don't think that Andrew Bogut will play much and I doubt Kerr will put him in the lineup. One thing is for sure though. He will play David Lee, because David Lee just saved their championship run.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Warriors Lose in OT

The Warriors seemed a little tight and settled for far too many three points. Stephen Curry seemed like he was trying to prove that he could make all these shots but he kept on missing. It wasn't that fun seeing Curry miss all those shots but it was sure fun seeing a close game like that. If only all games could be that close.

LeBron looked like he actually had a great game like the ones he had when he was with the Heat. He actually shot pretty well from the field and 3 point range. LeBron has been bringing the ball up and if you are the Warriors, you need to force LeBron to go up and get the ball and also, you need a defender on the inbounder. Once the ball is into LeBron they should go and throw a trap to force LeBron to get the ball out of his hands. After that, Iggy just needs to play LeBron like he has been.

The main reason why I think that the Cavs won this game is because everyone was involved in the game. LeBron made sure that everyone touched the ball. That is what needs to happen in order for the Cavs to win. Yes LeBron, you can have your 40 point nights, other people just need to score too. The Cavs can do it. You can see that Curry was really struggling though. Klay was carrying his team. That is not how the Warriors usually play. You know that the Warriors have to get one in Cleveland. Let's see if they can do it.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

No More Kyrie Means More Marion

"Shawn Marion Mavs" by Keith Allison from Owings Mills, USA - Shawn Marion. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons -
Kyrie Irving is out for the rest of the playoffs. To me, this Cavs team isn't done yet. They have key contributors that I think really could be a big impact for this Cavs team. Mike Miller and Shawn Marion are going to come and play. They both have great playoff experience. While this will be a hard task to take down the Golden State Warriors, all these 2 have to do is give some points and be great contributors. Take a look at what these guys have done in the past

Mike Miller:
  • 5.2 PPG for the Playoffs over his carreer
  • 7.3 PPG in the Playoffs last year for the Grizzlies
  • 11.3 PPG for his career
  • 40.7% from 3 point range over his career
  • 4.4 RPG over his career
  • 2.7 APG over his career
Shawn Marion:
  • 4 time all-star
  • 13.9 PPG in the Playoffs over his career
  • 15.2 PPG over his career
  • 8.7 RPG over his career
  • 1.5 Steals over his career
  • 1.1 Blocks over his career
I really don't understand why the Cavs aren't playing Marion right now. Why do they even have this player on their team if they don't even play him? This guy was a 4 time all-star with major playoff experience. He is also a great defensive player. This guy should be played but for some reason, Coach Blatt refuses to. I just don't understand it. But now with Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving out, he should have to play them. I actually think the Cavs will play great with Miller and Marion on the floor, and that the Cavs are not out of the finals yet.  

Friday, June 5, 2015

The Finals Have Started!

The Warriors have won the first game of the Finals. It was a close game as it went into overtime. I have to admit, it was a little rough for both teams though. 

When I first started watching the game I saw LeBron miss a fade-away shot pretty badly and then the next time down the floor, J.R. Smith bricked a three off the backboard. The game wasn't too great to start off. However, by the end of the 1st, Cleveland had a 10 point lead.

One thing that was really surprising to me is that the Warriors didn't have a player who had over 7 rebounds but they still won the rebounding battle. Everyone on the Warriors had at least 3 rebounds. They all crashed the glass.

If you take a look at the Cavs scoring, It was really just LeBron and Kyrie with Timofey Mozgov giving some offense. Kyrie and LeBron combined had a total of 65 points. Besides Mozgov, LeBron, and Kyrie, the rest of the team only scored 17 points. For the Warriors, that's what you want. You want this to be a 3 on 5 kind of game. The Warriors love that. I think that you have to be happy with only 3 people really coming out and scoring points. 

I really think Bogut could do a better job on Mozgov and he didn't look that great on defense. He just wasn't filling up the paint like he usually does.

If you the Warriors, you have Klay Thompson back and he is looking good as ever. He played great basketball. If your the Cavs, you have to be really disappointed. Kyrie just went down and you could be missing 2 of the big 3 now. They need Kyrie. He is the next best offensive player after LeBron on the team. They need him. They really need him.

The last 32 seconds of regulation wasn't the best last 32 seconds that I've seen before. Stephen Curry had the ball but couldn't make the layup as he somehow got his layup blocked by Kyrie Irving. Then LeBron gets the ball and puts up a really dumb shot that he was going to miss. Really poor shot selection. Shumpert got the rebound and put it up last second and somehow almost won the game. But he missed and the game went into OT. The Warriors ended up making their free throws and played great defense as they limited the Cavs to 2 points that were scored in the last 24 seconds as the Warriors just kind of LeBron get a wide open layup. They were like "who cares, we won". It was a great game. But the series isn't over. We have 3 more games at the least and 6 at the most. It will be a great finals series, I can already tell.