Monday, November 14, 2016

5 Statistics You'd Be Surprised By

Kyle Lowry (17283761882).jpg
By Keith Allison from Hanover, MD, USA - Kyle Lowry, CC BY-SA 2.0, Link
TJ Warren: 20 PPG
He is currently 27th in the league in scoring, and is ahead of guys like Chris Paul. Last Season, T.J. Warren averaged just 11 points per game. He is now averaging 20, even with the rise of Devin Booker and the return of Eric Bledsoe and Brandon Knight with injuries. What's even more impressive is the fact that he's getting most of his points from inside the 3-point line. Warren might just be this year's Most Improved Player.

Andrew Wiggins: 54.8% from 3-point range
He currently leads the league in 3-point percentage. Surprisingly, last season, Wiggins shot just 30% from three. Now obviously, this is very unlikely to stay above 50% but Wiggins has clearly improve from 3 since last year. And these aren't just spot-up 3 pointers. Wiggins has been hitting them off the dribble. However, this is just yet another addition to Andrew Wiggins amazing offensive game.

Steven Adams: 95.5% from the Free Throw Line
Last season, Steven Adams shot just 58.2% from the line. This year, he looks so much better. He's currently 21-22 from the free throw line and is 5th in the league in Free Throw percentage. While he probably won't be shooting 95% by the end of the year, he has clearly improved a lot and it must of been a point of emphasis for him this off-season. See DeAndre, that's how you do it.

Harrison Barnes: 58 Points off of Isolation
Barnes has surprised people with his scoring so far. How has he done it though. Surprisingly, most of it has been done in isolation. He is second in the league in points off the isolation and the only player who has more is Westbrook with 60. While Westbrook has 2 more points, he's been way less efficient. Barnes is shooting nearly 60% in isolation while Westbrook is just shooting 43% in isolation. See folks, Harrison Barnes can lead a team!

Kyle Lowry: 38.7 Minutes Per Game
This season, Lowry is number 1 in minutes per game. He averages more minutes than DeRozan who has been playing amazing. Lowry has shot the ball horribly to start the season, and hasn't been playing that good at all. Not to mention, he has a great backup point guard in Corey Joseph. Despite that, Dwayne Casey has played Lowry more than any player in the league for whatever reason.