Saturday, April 11, 2015

Another Sleeper Season at Sleep Train Arena

"Sleep Train Arena interior" by CLopez63 - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons -

If you have ever watched a Kings game at Sleep Train arena, it doesn't look that inviting. It probably looks like one of the most depressing arenas in the NBA. I will be watching a game at Oracle, Verizon, Target, Barclays, or Air Canada, and I think, I wish I were there. Then I watch a game at Sleep Train, and I will be thinking, wow, I would hate to be there. The truth is, I wouldn't hate it. I love watching games live. The last place I would go though, is Sleep Train arena. It just looks depressing. The place I would most likely go is Oracle, Air Canada, or Madison Square Garden. Those places actually look inviting. Who would wan to go to a place that is on the top 5 arenas that need an upgrade.

The depressing Sleep Train Arena actually sums up the Kings season. In fact, it sums up the last few seasons. They have one of the best small forwards, (Rudy Gay), and one of the best centers, (DeMarcus Cousins), yet they still can't make the playoffs. This season they have had 3 head coaches. Something tells me that there is something wrong with the team and staff if you have gone through 3 coaches.

This team had some Hot Sauce night for Nik Staustas, just to get people to come to the arena to see the games. I guess it was a good idea since many people came. I feel bad for this Kings team, I really do. They have so much talent. They just can't win. I think that it has something to do with the likability of DeMarcus Cousins. Why wasn't he originally voted in as an all-star? He was a great player averaging over 20 PPG. I think it has something to do with none of the coaches liking him. He is a great player, but I honestly can't stand the guy.

To sum it up, the kings have had another lost season as DeMarcus and Gay continue to get older and waste their youth on this team, just like Steve Nash did with the Suns for so many years. It's just been another season, where you could probably fall asleep at Sleep Train. I have one more question for anyone who is reading this. What kind of team gets a mattress company to sponsor their stadium. Only in Sacramento.