Friday, March 27, 2015

Are Russell Westbrook or LeBron James MVP candidates?

Russell Westbrook and LeBron James are trying to tell the NBA that they are MVP. Westbrook’s most recent game was a triple-double, 10 rebounds, 12 points, and 17 assists. However, it was a near quadruple double as he had 6 Turnovers. LeBron James had 28 points, 10 rebounds, and 6 assists, but he had 5 turnovers. As these players are gathering triple-double, they are also gathering way too many turnovers. LeBron James is 3rd in the league in turnovers. 2nd is DeMarcus Cousins. The only player that averages more turnovers per game, is, you guessed it, Russell Westbrook. When you average more Turnovers than DeMarcus Cousins, you know something is wrong. Now we look at a player like Stephen Curry, he averages about 1 turnover less than LeBron James. Last year, MVP Kevin Durant averaged about a turnover less than Westbrook. The other fact, the term MVP means the player that is most valuable on the court. The +/- for Stephen Curry is 11.7. He leads the NBA while Russell Westbrook’s is only 4.4. Lebron leads his team, but not the NBA and he has 7.7. So my challenge for you Westbrook and LeBron, instead of being stat chasers like Oscar Robertson, and be more like Bill Russell who valued winning over stats. Bring the turnovers down under 4 and then I just might consider you as MVP players.